TENTAKEL: The solo project of Gothenburg’s most infamous and manic drummer, Pontus Torstensson, is a one-man sound army. He uses an acoustic drum set, several synthesizers and drum machines to create an intense musical experience.  Pontus is one of the most sought-after drummers in Sweden and is currently behind the drum kit in Uran GBG, Exorcist GBG, Sork, Robert Leiner and the Source Experience, and recently he has also been playing live percussion with Fontän.

TwoFace is his first album to be released on vinyl, but he has a tape release to his name (2015’s Tentakel on Zeon Light Kassett), plus a 7″ last year on Höga Nord Rekords which consisted of alternative versions of two cuts from the album.

TwoFace is an intense 29-minute journey consisting of nine tracks that brings us through the disco sound of Giorgio Moroder, the soundtracks of John Carpenter and the industrial dance of bands like Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb. All instruments are played by Pontus, but on the first single and video ”Translucent”, Sebastian McMurphy from Viagra Boys contributes vocals. The track is about the idea of turning into a translucent crab and staying down deep in the ocean, forgetting about all the troubles on the surface.